"The re-creation of the visual experience is accomplished through fundamental natural laws, and when these Fundamentals are united and well executed, masterpieces are born. With them the great Masters of the past, present and future reach out and stir the minds and emotions of man” - Libby Berry

Libby's painting of the world-famous race horse Secretariat was shown at
Longacres. This extraordinary painting earned her a trip to Clairborne Farms. It was there that she met the phenomenal thoroughbred in person. This was later exhibited at the Kentucky Derby museum in 2000.

Limited edition prints of this incredible painting are now available.
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Libby Berry is a much sought after artist who has been creating masterpieces for many years. Due to her breathtaking work, her methodology has been featured in many different television programs. It has also been much demanded by artists eager to attain the skills of a masterpiece artist through the New Renaissance Academy. A collection of Libby's appearances have been assembled in these short video clips to showcase not only the final painting, but to also glimpse the research and progress behind her art.

In her extensive portfolio, Libby's wide range of completed artwork can be viewed. Visitors are encouraged to indulge in the displayed work and enjoy how she has brought life to canvas with various subjects including wildlife, birds, animal portraits, other portraits, scenic views and still life. For those who fall in love with the work, some of this original art is available for sale with giclee and prints also available for purchase. Furthermore, Libby is always happy to contract commissioned pieces as well, and it is encouraged that those who are interested contact us immediately. For those interested in attending workshops or classes, a schedule can be found on the news page.

For questions about available artwork, commissioning the artist or enrolling in the New Renaissance Academy, contact us!