New Renaissance Academy
The Fundamentals of Masterpiece Painting Course®

This is a three phase all inclusive course that consists of instruction in the following: perspective, drawing, and painting.

Section I: "The fundamentals of composition and light"

Course length: 6 days
In section 1, students learn the Natural Laws of composition and placement of objects in a work (the building block for our perception of Form and Position) to produce maximum impact. Light and shadow are fully defined and students learn the mechanics of light interplaying with objects. Skillfully applied, these Natural Laws enable the artist to freely create texture, dimension and mood. In this Section, a final still-life charcoal drawing is completed by each student.

Section II: "The Fundamentals of Perspective"

Course Length: 6 days In Section II, the rules of Perspective, (the building block of our perception of Distance and Nearness) are studied and applied. A final perspective drawing in pencil is then completed outdoors, on location. All of the elements of masterpiece drawing are utilized.

Section III: "The Fundamentals of the Natural Laws of Color"

Course length: 4 consecutive 6 day weeks
In this third course of study, The Natural Laws of Color (the building block for our perception of density and color) are learned and applied, with color mixing and color placement the primary focus. Students prepare to paint by first stretching their own oil-primed, museum quality Belgium linen canvases. The artist may choose any subject for this painting.

*Periodically The New Renaissance Academy offers workshops on each of the above subjects.

The fee for the Fundamentals of Masterpiece Painting Course® is $5,500.00 and includes all supplies needed. Only the best art supplies are used, including Belgian Linen and Old Holland Oil Paints. Class size is limited, to ensure student understanding.

"When these Fundamentals are united and well executed, masterpieces are born. With them the great Masters of the past, present and future reach out and stir the minds and emotions of man."

Libby Berry
Founder of the New Renaissance Academy and highly acclaimed master artist.

Student Works

Patty Christian
Her first painting ever

His first oil painting, completed after just two weeks of
study with Libby.

Kiersten Barrie
Still a senior in high school while taking Libby's course, Kiersten had never painted before.

Roy Frederickson
Roy had never painted before Libby's course.

Quotes From Students

"The New Renaissance Academy is where I learned the basics of oil painting. With that knowledge, I have experimented and grown as an artist. Libby Berry, the founder of the Academy, is an absolute master of visual perception and how it pertains to art. With the instruction she gives her students, there is no limit to the effects they can achieve with a paintbrush. The New Renaissance Academy offers knowledge that was discovered during the time of the Renaissance and kept secret. Only a handful of artists since have used these techniques... Rembrandt, Bierstadt, and a few others. Once you have learned these secrets that the old masters held so dear, you too will have the ability to create magnificent paintings. I sincerely recommend this course to anyone that has ever considered painting, or has ever wondered how the old masters painted so beautifully. Whether you have been an artist all of your life or have never picked up a brush, it will open your eyes."

1993 Graduate of the New Renaissance Academy
Lewes, Delaware

Abraxas has a gallery in Lewes, Delaware which can be viewed on line at

" paintings lacked life, depth and detail. Libby made the basics of painting so understandable... it's really exciting and shows in my work. My prices rose 5 times from what they were..."

Pam Stover
Kent, Washington

"Libby has given me the tools to bring my work to life, whether it be drawing or painting."

Elaina Harter
Buckley, Washington

"What Libby offers is a solid, stable, workable technology on how to paint with true depth, believable light and rich color so the artist can achieve the realism they want...Thank you, Libby, for this wonderful course!"

Susan Farrow
Clearwater, Florida

"I've finished my first painting with Libby and it's far beyond anything I could have imagined."
*John Ewards-Rajanen has earned a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Washington, and a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and an Associate of Arts in Ceramics and Associative Arts from Cal State University, Chico. He has taught Art at the University of Washington and at the Cornish Art Institute...all before attending Libby's course.

John Edwards-Rajanen
Redding, California

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