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April 03, 2011
  Welcome to my new website!
Posted By Libby Berry

I am very happy to announce and reveal my new website showcasing my completed artwork. It has been a long and loving process to get all aspects just right. We now have video presentations to explore and enjoy on the home page. In the portfolio section you will find a complete compilation of my artwork along with many short descriptions in the form of prose or poetry. The purpose of this website is to establish a wide reaching web presence of myself as an artist and to make my artwork available for purchase online. We will be continuing to add to the portfolio as new art becomes available, and be sure to check back soon as we will have exciting updates for the New Renaissance Academy..

'Thoughts for the Day'

With paper money it’s time to part
The wiser ones are buying ART.
What to do? don’t fret and toil,
Like an Arab, have lots of oil!
It may be messy and hard to carry.
But not an oil by LIBBY BERRY.
A slice of life, a story told.
It’s lots more fun than a bar of gold.
A virtual feast of visual pleasure,
This ‘oil’ is a timeless treasure.