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July 07, 2014
  Unraveling the Mysteries of the Masters in the Fundamentals of Masterpiece Painting Class
Posted By Libby Berry

This unique course of study delves into each fundamental which, together, forms a body of knowledge concerning the sense of sight. It is this knowledge that has been used by the 'Great Masters' of the past to not only enable them to paint the light, but to endow their works with the essence of LIFE!

Master Artist Libby Berry takes the student on a 4 week journey through the 'Ten Attributes of Sight'. Each is presented in lectures and written material, followed by a hands-on application, to demonstrate understanding of each attribute. The class is culminated with a practice painting, in oil, which demonstrates a knowledge of color. On this piece, the student is encouraged to combine other attributes so that they interact, and communicate with emotion and impact.

Class hours are from 10:00am - 4:00pm

Monday thru Saturday during the 4 week period

The tuition for the 4 week class is $3500
(the cost includes the supplies)

Rooms are available to rent for those coming from afar

Class size is limited

For more information, email:
or call: (360) 341-2105

The next class is scheduled for July 14th thru August 9th, 2014
It will be held here on beautiful Whidbey Island